This is a blog.

For the uninitiated, the website you are now looking at is called a “blog”. That’s short for “web log”, because on The Internet, nothing can survive unless it has been contracted (you know, like can’t or diptheria). Anyway, I don’t actually have a good reason for starting this blog other than the fact that I was reviewing my pile of registered domain names, and for some reason I own, which sounds neat. And I don’t want it to go to waste, so I made this. Which, if we are being honest, will be a waste anyway, but at least it doesn’t feel like one at the moment.

For now I intend to dump random thoughts here that will likely be uninteresting (or worse, intensely boring) to people who are not me. But this is The Internet, after all, and so I am obligated to go on at great length on topics I have no particular expertise in, just because I can. It doesn’t matter, because I’m the only person who knows this website is here and that will probably remain the case for quite some time, if not forever. If you find yourself here by accident, well, first I apologize, and second I urge you to go somewhere else before you die of the meh.

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